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A goddess post

“What’s interesting to me is drama and conflict. Things aren’t interesting without conflict and resolution of conflict—or striving towards a resolutions of conflict. To me that’s interesting. And also, by the way: that’s just how it is. Oh you don’t have any problems: What about getting older and eventually you’re going to die? What about solving that problem mentally in your head? There’s a problem for you even if your life is perfect. Life is a series of problems to figure out how to solve gracefully and with dignity. That is what life is and I can’t see it any other way. And that’s glorious, that’s great. It doesn’t mean anybody has to be in a bad mood either.” - Aimee Mann

Source: (via tumblr)

For the record, I do agree w/the end of what Aimee said some of the time (or a lot of the time.)  But sometimes, I think it's f*cking annoying that life is a series of problems, heh.

I witnessed some weird shit today and listening to Aimee's music was the only thing that made things make sense.  Even if her lyrics didn't match everything, something about the music did.
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